SKE48 15th single TEAM E MV 「Banana Kakumei

I don’t know about you people but the first thing that came to mind when I saw it was 「I just want to make crazy science with you」w

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I know we tend to joke a lot in the fandom (me first w) about Rena being slightly creepy by showing so much affection for her juniors (which is imho an ingenious way to introduce them to fans & promote them), but putting aside the fact that she undeniably does enjoy the presence of cute girls around, here is a reminder that the ex E Leader is first and foremost a sempai who cares about her juniors and tries to help, advise them, when she has the occasion.
Miyamae Ami official blog 2014/07/22 21:57

Good evening

I really enjoyed today a lot

I’m itching to let you know soon what it was about*~

*tempted tempted*。。。( ̄▽ ̄)lol

I talked with Rena-san today
Our schadules made it that we could finally meet after a long time
I was able to tell her how much fun I had today but it also made me aware of the fact that there was still a lot I needed to improve
That I had been too soft with myself.

After our conversation I thought I should definitely put more energy and will in a lot of things starting tomorrow.

Really, Rena-san is beyond amazing. I sincerely respect her.

Thank you for today.

Good night.


*tln : Miyamae probably subbed for Nana in UTAGE and Music Fair .

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Matsui Rena - Nogizaka46 2014 June III

I-I’d like to try that overall. I’d probably look more like any random plumber than Rena in that pic but still… I really like that cut and color (o*°^°)=3

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Imade Mai ameblo 2014/07/21 23:30 Disney Sea (date with Rena)

Disney Sea

Good evening everybody (・∀・)

Reading from left or from right,
Imade Mai reporting. (tln : 「いまでまい」in Japanese, so no matter which sense you read it from, it still gives you “Imade Mai”)

Yesterday, you know, after the late night radio program Gochamaze ended I directly headed to Maihama!

That’s exactly what you think!

Disney Sea!!


I had plans with that person


Everyone’s beloved Matsui Rena-saaaan(*゚▽゚)ノ

It had been almost a year since we had an entire day together to have fun!

To be exact, Rena-san is the only member whom I went out with since I graduated! (laugh)

I bet you’re all curious to know about yesterday so I’ll write a report about our day, ok? (laugh)

First we met at the gate of the park.
We took our fast passes for the park and Tower of Terror, so can you guess which attraction we rode? (laugh)

Then we went to see a very plashing show!

Before it started, while I had been gone to fetch us some drinks, Rena-san went to buy a towel not only for herself but for me too (゚Д゚) Such a gentle girl!!

We used our towels to hide from the blazing sun when people around us were gearing up for what was coming, making all necessary preparations to be perfectly waterproof.

Having vastly underestimated the quantity of water we would receive during the show we found ourselves defenseless with only one towel each. And so we ended sopping wet from head to toes (´ー`)“ (laugh)


And then Tower of Terror.
That one attraction where you go crazy high and suddenly fall vertically!

Rena-san was scared before we even get in, already muttering some *Hiii Hiii*. (laugh)
Once in, Rena-san kept her eyes and head down the whole time. (laugh)
When it was over she was unsteady on her feet and of a very thin voice she murmured 「I thought I was a goner…」♥

We got in lot of rides!!

While we were waiting we talked about nothing and everything, playing some simple games…♪♪

Ah, one fun moment was when we went to Turtle Talk, that one attraction in which you can talk to Crash, the character from Namo. Rena-san was very inspired there, always vigorously raising her hand up. (laugh)

At that time there were only 20 people or so and Rena got selected to ask a question(・ω・)

I was wondering what exactly she would enquire and…-
I often come here and I wanted to know how comes Crash never fails with any of his jokes?
- that’s what she asked. (laugh)

When the attraction ended, Clash turned toward us
「All the best for you, Rena!!」
I burst out laughing (*゚▽゚)ノ

We said goodbye when the rain and thunder storm got too bad, but it had been a very fulfilling day (♥_♥)

By the way…

Inside the park we walked holding hands or arm in arm the whole time. I apologize to all the fans. But I regret nothing.


When it started pouring hard Rena-san bought an umbrella that we shared, after a moment she said「It’s the first time I pass my arm around someone’s shoulder when holding an umbrella.
Again, sorry. (laugh)

Ahhhhhhhhhh——-! It was really a great day!!!

I didn’t have so much fun playing outside in a long time!!

If I remember any other interesting moment I’ll share them, ok? ♥ (laugh)

Thank you Rena-san!

And thank you to all of you who bear with my enamoured tone.


May we be able to go out together again soon.


「初めて人の肩抱きながら傘さしてるわ」/ 「It’s the first time I pass my arm around someone’s shoulder when holding an umbrella」

Rena you player! Imade you lucky girl! (((o°^°o)))=3


Ahhh, but ain’t she cute? (*°w°) She well deserved some fun after Gift promo (stage greeting, ameba, interviews etc) and the pressure of being active in 3 groups. So, who will she bring for her next date? *fufufu*

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Big commotion during gift stage greeting when Matsui Rena utters「Adultery is fine
She said it in such an innocent way (*°w°)… and yet it sounds so wrong when taken out of context. That fan was dead right when it said it would become the headline of every media reports lol

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Snippet from gift 2nd stage greeting in Tokyo (2014/07/19)

From twitter :
→ Rena-chan’s parents are a lovey-dovey couple
→ Rena-mama was anxious about fans’ reaction regarding the chupa chups scene
→ Rena-chan pranked members telling them she had obtained her license (tln : she is seen driving in the movie but the car was obviously(?) towed lol)
→ The director parents approved of his work after seeing the movie

Bonus :  

Have a very embarrassed Rena after she unintentionally said adultery was fine ( °w°)ドジコ♪ 

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「I want to portray a wicked woman.」

Today was 「gift」stage greeting in Shinjuku Cinemart to celebrate the screening of the movie around the country, in presence of the lead role Matsui Rena (22), co-actor Kakizawa Hayato (26) and the director, Mr Miyaoka.

Extract from different articles online (newslounge,  daily sports, MAiDiGiTV YT video)

Regarding the scene shown in the preview where Kakizawa, playing a debt collector, thrust a chupa chups in Matsui’s mouth, turning toward Miyaoka-san, the director with a resenting look 「I didn’t heard he would put the candy in my mouth.」. Answering「I wanted to capture your most natural reaction」Matsui-san concluded with a bitter smile 「Lesson learnt. One I won’t forget anytime soon.」

She also spoke of her empathy with Saori 「Saori is apathetic, she lives as if there was nothing worth it in this world, she is exactly like myself back in 2° year of middle school. I digged inside me my old middle school self to play her and I think she somehow resembles my ordinary me with her gloomy look and her mumblings.」

When the MC asked Matsui-san 「What on earth happened to you in middle school?」 she simply answered 「Isn’t it the rebellious age for everyone?」, which the audience denied vigorously. 「No way! Now I feel like I’ve been betrayed by everyone!」but she kept one with her explanations 「I for one did go through that phase, fighting with my mother and such. My words weren’t crude like Saori, but I did oppose my mother and well, lots happened at home…*laugh*」.

Inquired with the roles Matsui-san ambitioned to play in her career 「Even though I’ve played a girl rubbed of her money this time…, I want to play darker roles. I’ve a face which suits sorrow best. I want to know how much sorrow and grief suit me.」, to which fans react shouting 「That’s not true!」. Her explanation wasn’t over yet however 「Endou-san said he wanted me to play his mistress. I think it’s not a bad idea. I think it would bring to the surface something unseen before. A mistress is acceptable…」, here perceiving her choice of word was unfortunate she concluded abruptly by 「I want to portray a wicked woman.」, her reformulation triggering a roar of laughter among those present.

Heard from fans on twitter that Rena asked for the last bit not to be used by journalists but of course that’s the line Yahoo! and other sites picked. Such a misleading line wasn’t going to slip, Rena! XD
I think I understand Rena’s will to break from her shell and play deeper, even more tortured roles, but I can’t shake that “meh” impression Endou left me with his remark (during Nagoya stage greeting last month). I can hardly imagine a western actor openly saying during a stage greeting “I want a movie where I have an affair with that young actress who, by the way, could easily be my daughter”. Sure, we’re talking about Japan here and different cultures etc etc but still. Gross.
So darker, deeper, more adult roles : yes. One thousand times, yes.
But I’d rather it not sound like she gives in to the pressure(?) of some slightly too lecherous veteran. There is more to a character, like in real life, to whom they have a relation with. *frog!rant time over*

Ah, I really hope gift will be released in DVD someday ( °^°)

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The everlasting opposition between ties-lovers and ribbons-lovers has come to an end.
No!TieNo!RibbonOpen!TopButton wins over all! (ง°`ロ°)ง

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23:37 July 15 - Nishishi [Official Blog] →




Good evening, Nakanishi here!

I would like to bring your attention to the mails I received from Ryouha today…


What is it Ryouha (°_°)

[Su~ ki~]*



Ahh I see \(^o^)/

I see \(^o^)/

Yep, I understand \(^o^)/

I understand, but I was so happy for that short moment \(^o^)/

Ah this sucks \(^o^)/




But of course!!! Of course!!!
You love sushi!!!


Just stop tricking me!! I can’t take this much longer!!!



What’s with that feint and attack!!!!!

I let my guard down and during that moment of joy, she took me down!!!

It made me go kyun!!! (Once she goes kyun, she’s unstoppable)

Well hello there, I’m a 25 year old who just got played into the hands of a 15 year old (°_°)

Ryouha’s future is both promising, and terrifying indeed! \(^o^)/

Well then, sweet dreams ♪

That’s one terrifying skill LOL


* ‘Suki’ on it’s own can mean ‘like/fond’

** ‘Sukiyaki’ is a dish

*** Combined, it makes ‘Sushi’

**** Uso means ‘lie/decieve’

***** ‘Daisuki’ means love

Really glad someone translated it!
I’ve too little time in my hands lately to translate anything, but when I saw the original post it killed me.
Ryouha loves to tease her sempais, especially the ones she knows “weak” for cute girls (Rena and Nishishi on top of the list).
Ahhhh Ryouha, I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me the moment I saw you put Okubo in your pocket! (*°w°)b I see a promising future for that little one~

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Young Gangan 2014 No.15

Once Baby frog asked to Grandpa’frog :
Baby : Ne, ne Grandpa’frog… Why isn’t that adorable, beautiful and talented girl center of some SKE single sometimes?
Grandpa : Shhhh-! Somes questions better not be asked when it comes to this group. You’ll understand someday.

My froggy self has gained lots of sympathy (which was already high before!) for Nao with her speech for this year elections. I wish she was given WAY more visibility in SKE… and that the group as a whole stopped being put aside by management. But that’s another problem (or not?).

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Jelly of both (*°w°)

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7/17- Happy Birthday to Team E’s Umemoto Madoka!



SKE’s Umechan, co-leader of Team E, is now twenty-two!

Happy Birthday Madoka! (\*^-^)/

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