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Rena speaking.

There are times where you can’t help but wish all those disgusting feelings would disappear from the face of earth, but of course it won’t happen.

Being a totally different person in front of others and behind their back, saying that nobody needs you, that someone is nothing but an hindrance, those stinging words hurt me.

They’re all the more painful that they aren’t directed toward me.

If only everyone could be smiling.

Even if one wants to vent his bad feelings, he should do so in a civilized manner, right?

But it’s asking for too much, obviously…

At times like those, better listen to some happy songs.


What exactly happened? Her G+ entry is in the same vein too:
As long as they don’t show their face, people think they can say/write anything. That’s a huge problem in our society. Everyone is turning into a liar. 

How true.

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O Renao, Renao! wherefore art thou Renao?

Wednesday, April 9th 2014  18:46

I want to wear a suit.
One with super tight purple stripes.

…that’s what just crossed my mind.
As I was watching Hoozuki no Reitestu while my make-up artist was preparing me, she laughed all along the episode.
Seems like it was totally the kind of humor she digs.
Good good. (laugh)

We probably looked like 2 madmen as we kept singing the Hell song all day long. (laugh)

Since I started using Twitter I realized there were things that I thought were obvious but actually aren’t for everyone.
Like people who want to come to handshake events but don’t know how to apply, there are also those confused by the agenda and don’t know when events will take place.

It made me think about how important it was to properly inform fans of when things go on sale.
…and so I’m starting a new serialization in TVBros with this week issue.
Advertising complete♪
I’m talking about idols this time.

Posted because I’m just watching Hozuki and I’m crazy about the opening too & because…. DEMN SMEXY SUIT RENA! *cof*

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Baby oshi, you can’t keep doing *this* with your fingers (whatever sorcery *this* is) while glancing at me the audience in this fashion. I mean, come on! That’s clearly dangerous for the most sensitive of us!


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With Rena’s concurrency, there’s now twins in Nogizaka46 XD

Miona : Wait for me, Rena nee-sama♪

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this was too cute!!! she drank the water herself instead of the foreigner XDDD

Girl has her priorities well in order, I foresee a bright future for her. She would totally do great in case of a zombies invasion! \( °^°)/ 

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Beauties (*´ω`*)

At least they will still be together in KII… But damn, such a waste to shuffle E now that really starts to feel right.

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Matsui Rena’s Google + & Twitter - 15\04\2014




・Behold Rena’s skills. That Daiba she wrote is supposed to be Diver :D

1) ダイバー reads as Diver or Daiba

2) Zepp Diver happens to be located in Odaiba and is part of the complex “DiverCity” which is a world play for “(O)Daiba City” 

If there were one legitimate mistake to make, it was that one.

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SKE48 Matsui Rena 2nd Photobook release special event in presence of 3000 fans!


To know more about the creation process of Hemlet, the meaning of Aki-P’s words on the obi, about Rena’s lack of self-consciousness when it comes her charm (femininity?), her love for tearing off paper (why not?!) as well as her thoughts about her first apparition with Nogi.
(from Geinou News Lounge)

Q - Why did you chose to put so many essays in this photobook (写真集)?

Rena - I think the term “フォトブック" can apply to this book, but I like the expression "写真集" better and when I myself look at others’ photobook I often get to think how "it would be nice if there were a few notes here and there”, that’s why since I wanted fans to know more about me there are a lot of pages filled with my words.
(tln : not a common distinction, but some people seem to draw a line between フォトブック and 写真集, the former apparently containing more notes and written parts than the later. Overall the word フォトブック is far less common than 写真集.)

Q - There were only photos in your 1st PB?
Rena - Only photos, no written parts .

Q - What comparison can you draw between both?
Rena - For 「Kingyo」 I was guided all along and received others’ ideas but this time I really wanted to be part of the creation process and I’m happy with how it turn out to be.

Q - So you’ve extra confidence in the result?
Rena - I wouldn’t say “extra” (laugh). But I like to express my own ideas and this time I’ve been helped by a lot of people to make it possible for others, especially fans, to perceive what there is in my mind and I think we managed a good representation of it.

Q - What are your favorite pages?

Rena - Those blue ones. For my facial expressions among other things. It was part of the things I wanted to do “to tear off a huge piece of paper”. When I was young I loved to break the paper from our house sliding doors during spring cleanup. I wanted to experience this feeling again. I picked a blue background so when I tear off the paper which is blue too, it enhances the feeling of transparency.

Q - Did it feel good?
Rena - It certainly did! It was fun. I destroyed 3 huge sheets of papers with all my might.

Q - It must have been quite an unique sensation…
Rena - It’s liberating to be able to do things you were scold for doing as a kid. There are other pages where I splash paint everywhere. That was also a lot of fun.

Q - Could it be a sign of stress accumulating?
Rena - I’m not stressed (laugh). I release my stress through work.

Q - Any other pages you’d recommend?

Rena - Those are rather difficult to make out but I’m in swimsuits, seen through lace curtains. I don’t really expose myself in those shots and yet they are rather sexy. I like them since they show a facet of myself I’m not really aware of (laugh).

Q - You’re not defiant anymore when called sexy?
Rena - Rather than defiance, the thing is that I don’t feel very feminine inside. So I always find it surprising when I’m said to be sexy.

Q - I see …*carefully looking at the picture*… those photos are certainly sexy.
Rena - I would appreciate if you didn’t compare them with me right now. I’m not showing it to you anymore (laugh).

Q - If you had to give a mark to this PB, how much would it be?
Rena - I wouldn’t release something that doesn’t get over 100/100 in my eyes, but I think that I’ll only be able to give a final mark when eventually the receiving side, people who’ve read this PB will have let me know of the mark they’d attribute to it.

Q - How long did it require to write the different essays?
Rena - It didn’t take that long, maybe less than a day to write everything. The shooting part itself must have taken 3 days. The whole book required about 4 or 5 days.

Q - Stories of ghost writers flood the news lately…
Rena - I’ve written everything myself! *wry smile*

Q - Where did you write them?
Rena - In the car when I was going from place to place, or in the evening after work on my mobile. I usually type on my phone. I write columns for magazines and for those too I usually write them on my phone notepad, before to put them in order for publication.

Q - In your previous PB Akimoto Yasushi wrote 「What will she transform to?」, how do you think you became?
Rena - I think I turn into a mischievous girl (laugh). It’s as the obi says 「She looked at me with mischievous eyes」. I’m really stubborn when facing Akimoto sensei, to the point he seems to be concerned about how my life could turn out to be a difficult one (laugh). I think that when I said I wanted to do something different from what others would do and surprise people, I must have appeared mischievous to him.

Q - You appeared with Nogizaka46 for the first time today, how was it?
Rena - I felt extremely nervous when I walked up on the stage, but now that it’s over and I could relax, I can say it was an good experience and an enjoyable moment. I want to start working with Nogizaka members as soon as possible. Fans have welcomed me warmly but there is still a long way to go before being recognized I think. I want to spend as much time as possible alongside Nogizaka members to, little by little, being approved of.

Q - Did Nogizaka members give you their opinion on your PB?
Rena - It seems they had read it, copies had been sent to their office, so today several members told me 「It’s such a good photobook」, which made me really happy.

Q - Have you already thought about your next release?
Rena - I’d like to visit Spain so it would be great to shot it in Spain (laugh). Though the reason why I wanted to go to Spain was because I wanted to pose in front of those red walls. But this time I was able to pose in front of red wall in Manazuru so maybe I don’t need to go as far as Spain (laugh). I’m content wherever I’m brought to be photographed. If I have the opportunity, then, I want to think of my third photobook as proper third work. (tln: Rena said Manazuru was in Chiba when it’s actually in Kanagawa *cof*)

Q - A word about the incoming General Elections?
Rena - I can only say that I’ll give my best so that’s what I’ll do, hoping to rise to the occasion.

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Weird. So weird.
She is cute as ever. The uniform suits her well. But who are those girls surrounding her? Concurrencies are hard to get used to… maybe even more that way than the other. (/ ._.)\

But glad everything went alright for that 1st time in front of fans!


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岡田隆志 20140413    16:16    


(2014年4月13日 福家書店新宿サブナード店)




El Precious! (\*°^°)/

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Looks like Nogizaka got a new girl taking part to the Principal this year.

(from a flyer distributed at Nogizaka46 8th single handshake event in Makuhari Messe - April 13th)

Rumors were saying Rena would probably make an apparition today to greet fans during the mini-live. Guess that’s pretty much confirmed now. Good luck Rena!
I should look into that Principal thingie I guess ((( o “°^°)o

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Perfect timing. Right when I’m in the middle of marathoning The Walking Dead, my favorite Ghost Ship uprises from the abyss! (\ ^O^)/
Both shots are adorable ❤

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