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Matsui Rena Official Blog 2014/09/18 23:57 


Rena speaking (・ω・)

Lately the fact that I have no friends has become a serious issue.
Whenever I have some free time, I spend it lazing without contacting anyone.
I’m totally fine by myself too, but being the kind to instinctively staying home I sometimes would like for someone to drag me out.

It’s a matter of life or death.
I wish I had grown to be a proactive loner.

When I’m home I get my family to take me around, but in Tokyo it’s not that easy. (laugh)

I shall work on it, little by little.


I totally volunteer! ((( \°^°/ )))


140914 Ariyoshi Hanseikai - Shibata Aya

Hanseikai = self-reflection meeting

*Credit goes to the uploader*

I really like Aya’s “blackness” and her guts. 
Ariyoshi can be hard to deal with but she didn’t waver and made it a fun interview. Wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to invite her again sometime.
She has a very good variety potential (now if SKE could use it too…)

Matsui Rena official blog 2014.09.12 12:16 + Yasusu 755


Rena speaking (・ω・)

Yesterday I met with my beloved Marika-san.
And today she celebrates her birthday.

She is someone I’ve liked and admired for a long time.
Being able to meet her now, talk with her, watch her acting at close range are extremely instructive.
Every single time I’m captivated by Marika’s acting, unable to take my eyes away from her I’m like transported to another world.

Me too I want to become that kind of person.
Fascinating people, being able to draw all that energy from inside me.
I shall become someone who go grab her chance with her own hands.

Oh, I also met Chinami-chan from my agency.
She was cute, as usual, giving out a gentle aura.

Gotta fight!



From 755

Fan : Do you think Matsui Rena can become a wonderful actress?
Aki-P : I think she can.


these three together♥

My bride & her (growing up) loliz (*°w°)

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Matsumoto Marika   Matsui Rena


Marika sempai turn 30 tonight. Happy birthday to her! 
May she keep looking after that weird but adorable junior of her and vice versa  (*^^)
Curious to see what kind of shooting they had together today♪


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Ain’t no counselor like Aya-chan(ノ´∀`*)

Connecting and seeing R wishes to do more dansou (and cut her hair when the time is right lol)…. Good freaking morning world! (\ * °w°)/

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-Grumpy Cat returns-

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Hey! You seem to be really knowledgeable about SKE and I saw that G+ post by Masana asking people what they thought of SKE currently, and I just wanted to ask, what do you think of SKE currently?

Honestly I don’t know. That it should stop alienating its remaining fans maybe? (・л・;)

There are so many things that went wrong with SKE that I’m not sure where to start.
Under Masana’s post a lot of fans mentioned they regretted there were so many graduations.
Graduations per se aren’t exactly the issue though, since the 48G is supposed to be a stepping stone and the girls are expected to graduate after a few years and generations to rotate… Except that in SKE a lot of the best elements are leaving because the group is an impediment to their ambitions.
Forbidding members to pass auditions and burdening them with always more HS events to maintain sales shows, in my opinion, the true face of the 48G. And once you realize the girls aren’t the priority of the organization, it kinda spoils the fun.

That’s one thing.

One other big problem in SKE pointed out by fans (and no, not just me) : SKE losing its color aka the grand shuffle and its so many kennins.
It did kill the already fragil group cohesion. Some fans in the international community have tried to minimize its impact back in February but I’d like to hear them preach those same sermons now lol.
Close to nobody is blaming the 2 HKT chibis or AKB members who’ve decided to transfer completely to SKE because they aren’t given special treatment and are fighting to gain recognition (ok, Tani is pushed more than the others but she wasn’t a figure before joining SKE and she made a spot for herself in E). The problem obviously is with the newly appointed S leader and Milky.
6 months later having them as SKE faces still look off for a huge part of fans (and that’s only those who haven’t left already). We’ve got 20 girls in Bukiyou Taiyou senbatsu : how many times have you heard Kuma-chan, Madoka or Harutamu on TV? Hmm?

But then again, the core of the problem doesn’t lie with SKE but with the 48G and how it manages its assets.
(sorry if that upsets her fans but oh well~) Prioritizing Sae exposure, granting her a major role in SKE out of nowhere and force feeding her to fans on every possible occasion, knowing full well how a huge chunk of SKE fans wouldn’t accept it, was a clear indication that AKS was through with SKE only fans. You either embrace the 48G, at least the few lucky girls they’ve invested in, or you leave.
The whole kennin system works that way though : over-emphasis on a limited number of girls to widen and strengthen their fanbase without a fly’s fart given on the impact on the team or group, to, I guess, set them for the future, post 48. Let’s not forget the AKB project was supposed to only last 10 years and with Aki-P rather obviously bored with it, there is an urgent need to produce *stars* who will survive in the industry once the project ends.

There are many other things that could be corrected in SKE (like giving the group a competent manager and not an old buddy of Aki-P a few years from retirement who knows nothing of the business duhhhh) but it wouldn’t change nothing.

The SKE I supported isn’t anymore, now all I see is an AKB branch in Nagoya.
If it’s to others taste then good for them.

I’m still enjoying Team E and supporting Rena (which is a safe bet since her agency got her a kennin with NGZK…if her health isn’t totally ruined by the time she graduates), but that’s it.