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9th single 「Aishiteraburu!」 released! SKE48 special interview

SKE48 9th single 「Aishiteraburu!」 was released on May 16th.
This song is the occasion for SKE48 to show once again their true worth, lying in “sweat and dance”, by presenting us the declaration of their feelings to each other of a couple passionately in love, on a feverish rhythm.

Shouting together with their fans during lives 「Aishiteru」、「I Love You」, this upbeat tune will make this summer all the more HOT.

This interview focuses in the first time on the secrets of the filming of the PV in Saipan. We also inquired the members about their individual works and projects. Finally they told us about their enthusiasm regarding their first participation at the midsummer major event 「a-nation “Idol Nation”」.
Let’s seize the occasion to approach the “current” SKE48, which keeps running toward  higher goals.

Participation members : Yagami Kumi, Kizaki Yuria, Ishida Anna, Matsumoto Rina, Furukawa Airi

Q - What were your impressions when you first sang 「Aishiteraburu!」?

Kizaki - SKE has a lot of cool songs or songs about one sided feelings, 「Aisiteraburu!」 is our most lovey dovey and cute song.

Q - You can really feel the head-over-heels feelings of the couple in the lyrics, right?

Matsumoto - It’s like both were shouting their true feelings openly for the 1st time.
Yagami - Loving each other that much, their feelings are overflowing. But reaching that stage can be sweltering (laugh).

Q - In the lyrics there are things like 「Aishiteru!」and 「I love you!」, was it not embarrassing to sing it in front of the fans?

Yagami - I do it with all my might. The fans too shout 「Aishiteru!」,「I love you!」. So there is no other way for us than to do it openly too.
Furukawa - Once you’ve heard it you immediately remember the song, it’s a very idol like and catchy tune. But there is this passage in the lyrics 「We’re getting along too well for me it’s a’ha’han」, what is 「a’ha’han」 supposed to mean? (laugh) Members too were curious about that part, but we didn’t have the leisure to figure it out (laugh)

Q - 「a’ha’han」 isn’t something you usually say…

Furukawa - Indeed.

Q - You must have repeated this new word many time when singing, did you start using it after the recording?

Furukawa - Well… not really, no. (laugh)

Q - How long did it required to remember the whole choreography?

Yagami - It took me approximately one evening.

Q - That’s really fast. Can you all remember the dances that easily?

Furukawa -  I think we all get used to learn fast.

Q - Even when the level of difficulty rises up, you manage to remember the moves rapidly?

Furukawa - We do.

Q - This time, what was the most troublesome part?

Ishida - When we had to synchronize our fingers’ movement during 「I . Love . You!」, this little choreography was quite difficult to master.

Q - You also asked the fans to mimic this fingers choreography right?

Ishida - By all means, perform it with us!
Kizaki - Could serve as good brain fitness too (laugh)

Q -  Orange, purple, green and pink. Is there a point we should pay attention to in those colorful costumes?

Yagami - I wear a green one, but I think the pink and purple ones are cute too.
Furukawa -  Each of us is wearing different accessories.
Yagami - Like flowers or buttons…

Q - Did you thought to yourself “Ah, she is so cute with that accessory!”?

Matsumoto - I thought Suda (Akari) -chan and (Takayanagi) Akane-chan were really cute with those flowers pin on their chests.

Q - Last year already, you had shot 「Pareo wa Emerald」overseas…

Ishida - I think the deep blue sea suits this song and when I first heard it I instantly thought 「Ah- , we are going to film it overseas」 (laugh)

Q - Where would you have wanted the filming to take place?

Ishida - I was picturing a sea as beautiful as the one in 「Pareo wa Emerald」, I thought I would want to go to Hawaii or Guam. I had no preconception regarding Saipan but when I went there it made a big impression on me.

Q - How long did the recording in Saipan last?

Yagami - 2 days. That was star-light fast (laugh)

Q - In the MV you dance 「on the sea」. How was that stage built?

Yagami - There were fixations under the platform. It was weighted down by ropes and loads.
Furukawa - The platform was actually put somewhere where the sea wasn’t too deep.

Q - But the helicopter shot gave the impression it was deep all around you…

Furukawa - It was pretty shallow where we stand.

Q - Was the platform stable?

Matsumoto - Halfway through, water got in (laugh)
Furukawa - Because we all get at the center at some point, it couldn’t support the weight. After the water went in, we all scattered to throw the water out as much as we could (laugh).

Q - During the filming, did any member fell over?

Furukawa - There was indeed a member who fell down, right?
Yagami - … That was me. While I was dancing and before I even realized it I had slipped. For a second I didn’t get what just happened.

Q - Your costume must have been drenched, no?

Yagami - It was. I fell on the part where the flood had occurred, I was sopping wet. But since the filming wasn’t over yet, I kept dancing.

Q - Did you shoot the whole song from part to part non-stop?

Kizaki - Yes. That was the kind of filming where you have to repeat over and over again the same scene.
Ishida - In total we must have filmed it about 15 times.

Q - I’m sure that this stage upon the sea caught the attention of other 48 groups members.

Kizaki - Among the 48 groups, there is only SKE who ever danced with such strong wind blowing to their face and soaked in seawater. I’m proud of it.

Q - You were also filmed in the bus or the airport…

Furukawa - When I heard we would also be filmed there, I wonder 「what should I wear then?」 (laugh)
Yagami - Shooting was during April so it was still pretty chilly at Nagoya station or the airport. But to match the image of the song, we had to wear short sleeves. We were some kind of lightly dressed mass (laugh).

Q - How went the travel to Saipan?

Matsumoto - It was going to take quite long to reach our destination so I decided to do my homework on the plane. But the camera kept filming around me so I couldn’t focus and finally gave up. Then Masana who was sitting next to me scolded me 「Why don’t you get it? Did you properly listen in class?」 (laugh)
Takayanagi - The most vivid memory I get from that travel is when Airin got out of the bus (laugh)
Furukawa - I got off the bus wearing Akane neck pillow on the head. And, oh my gosh! It ended up in the MV! But thanks to this my exposure time increased (laugh) Also… Takayanagi Akane showed us her boke skills, when we were exiting the airport…
Takayanagi - Eh~ You’re going to… tell that story?!
Furukawa - Maybe she was still half asleep but when she showed her passport (custom house), the agent asked her 「How are you?」, 「Takayanagi Akane」 she replied, as if she had just blown one fuse.

Q - Did they let her through after that?

Furukawa - Seems like they did. But that was funny (laugh)
Yagami - It just came back to mind but Yuria….
Kizaki - Eh—-?! Me??
Yagami - It seems like she didn’t get English too well, she kept looking left and right, tilting her head and answering by 「o -OK?」,「ii— Yes」. It was amusing to see her like this, so I kept looking at her, laughing. I was thinking to myself 「She has no clue what’s going on」.
Kizaki - When you had zero idea yourself of what they were saying!
Yagami - Hum! (laugh)

Q - Yuria-chan you don’t understand English even roughly?

Kizaki - I didn’t have the slightest clue what they were saying.

Q - You stated once in a certain show 「Abroad all you have to say is “Hello” and you’re all good」, right?

Kizaki - True… Proof is I managed to come back safe and sound. I think this level is roughly the same as those living there… I want to believe!

Q - Did you interact with the population in Saipan?

Matsumoto - There was a park close to where we were filming. During my free time I went talking with siblings who were playing there. I was with Masana and we only spoke English.

Q - Can you speak English Matsurina-san?

Matsumoto - … A- rittoru.

Q - Thank you for replying in English (laugh). What did you talk about with those siblings?

Matsumoto - Things like 「Do you have a girlfriend?」

Q - Right to the point (laugh)

Matsumoto - I also asked them 「Do you get along with your father?」, that was interesting.

Furukawa - The kid who was there the 1st day came back the 2nd day too, right?
Matsumoto - Yes. When I told him 「We are filming here too tomorrow」 he came back bringing his friends (laugh).

Q - That 2nd day did you manage to talk with them all?

Matsumoto - … Not really, nope (laugh). I simply went apologizing because I had no time.

Q - How do you feel being back to senbatsu after 2 titles out, Anna-chan?

Ishida - Maybe summer is my lucky season. So far I had been picked for all our summer songs like 「Gomen ne, Summer」 and 「Pareo wa Emerald」. And this time again I’m part of the senbatsu for our summer single.
During those 2 titles for which I was out of senbatsu I worked hard in the theater and took lessons on my private time, I was actually pretty busy but I started to think I wanted to reintegrate the selection soon. For me it meant the first shooting in a long time, everything felt fresh, like re-discovering a new world, I really did learn a lot. 「Aishiteraburu」 has an important place in my heart.

Q - How do you usually spend your private time?

Ishida - My hobby is to decorate cell phones, I also love everything related to aromas and perfumes, so I try to polish my skills there for example.

Q - Do you mean you study to develop your skills?

Ishida - Exactly. Not doing anything on my free time gives me a bad feeling, I like when I actually accomplish something. I also went back to horse riding, which I practiced when I was in elementary school. And from the moment it was decided I’d play drum in SKE’s 「Give me Five」, I started practicing regularly.

Q - Anna-chan is gifted with beauty and intelligence isn’t she?

Ishida - I simply try to make the best out of my time and having fun in the meanwhile. During that break (tln : from senbatsu) I feel like I’ve manage doing everything I wanted to.

Q - Your goal from now on?

Ishida - To become an actress. In the future, to play in Taiga drama . I also want to continue to progress in horse riding. I’m still at the lowest level but I want to find the strength in me to climb higher. For now I need to acquire some precious knowledge necessary for my future.

Q - Steadily preparing for your future then?

Ishida -  Yes, I’m setting up for it.

Q - Matsurina-san’s first senbatsu was for 「Kataomoi Finally」, this time was your second senbatsu in a row….

Matsumoto - When it was announced I was part of the senbatsu for the 1st time in 「Kataomoi Finally」 I was happy, but I couldn’t quite believe it. In my mind it was out of reach. I ended up feeling really tense during the shooting.
Yuria - I love the way Matsurina calls Jurina (Matsui) in 「Kataomoi Finally」 MV. She could have done it normally, but instead she beckoned her bending every finger one by one (laugh).
Matsumoto - That was a fundamental scene. I was told 「You just have to call her」, but calling her normally didn’t have enough impact, realizing it my hand kept moving.
Furukawa - But that was very Matsurina-like.
Matsumoto - (laugh) Since I’ve been chosen to enter senbatsu this time again, I want to do my best even more. After that, by working on my femininity this year I want to become more sexy.

Q - What do you do in order to become sexier?

Matsumoto - Massages. I research a lot on the subject. Ogi-chan (Ogiso Shiori) said 「Sexiness is something that comes from the inside」, I get her point, but personally I need to start by feeling pretty on the outside to progress on the path to sexiness.

Q - Could you tell us about the current situation of your respective associations or research societies?

Furukawa - Lately we’ve been discussing with the 2D enthusiasts association (tln : 2次元同好会) how much we wanted to hold a live. President Hata (Sawako) agreed. We would be singing anison, cosplay, it would be so fun to have a 2D full load event!

- Furukawa-san once appeared in a certain show wearing a Prince of Tennis costume, right?

Furukawa - I did that (laugh), but since then I’ve made a lot of new ones.

Q - Do you mean you’re making your cosplays yourself?

Furukawa - I do. That’s the reason why I attended a fashion school.

Q - Do you also make cosplay for other people?

Furukawa - Once I’m done I want to wear them myself (laugh). I’ve only made cosplay for me to wear so far.

Q - But for the future event, you may have to make some for your fellow association members…

Furukawa - That would be nice! If possible I want to do it!

Q - Is there any special costume you want to make them wear?

Furukawa - Of course there are plenty! I even want to produce a photo-book with what I would make them wear. Especially “OgiYuri” (Ogiso Shiori and Kizaki Yuria) !
Kizaki - I’m honored~

Q - How is the idol research society doing?

Matsumura - We don’t do anything (laugh), even though I’m the founding member, and we’ve been around since before the 2D enthusiasts association… I think the idol research society is going through a crisis. But I want to do something about it.

Q - Do you sometimes think “I want to hold a live!”?

Matsumura - But that remains only talk…
Ishida - Usually we watch DVDs and get excited.

Q - What kind of DVD do you watch?

Ishida - Momoiro Clover or Morning Musume for example. And we listen to KII Sato Mieko-san and Abiru Riho-chan’s excited conversations. I came to really like some of the Morning Musume songs Masana-san introduced to us.
Furukawa - You study the subject seriously, don’t you? And it’s profitable to everyone.
Ishida - Sato Mieko-san is really incredible. She can copy any song just by watching it. After just one time, she would hold the mic in one hand lifting her little finger telling you 「That’s an important point」 and keep dancing.

Q - Who does Sato-san like?

Isida - Abe Natsumi.

Q - Could you tell us now which artist influenced you?

Matsumoto - I really love Michishige Sayumi from Morning Musume.

Q - The air you have, it’s quite reminding to hers isn’t it?

Matsumoto - Really?! I’ve rarely evoked the fact that I like Michishige-san but I got offered pictures of her and even her photobook by fans. “Eh?” I wonder where they had learn about it.

Q - Did you ever meet her?

Matsumoto - No. But I’ve seen her during concerts countless of times. I love her!

Q - It would be great if you could someday appear on the same stage. Is there any other artist inspiring you?

Yagami - I admire SCANDAL so I’d love to form a band like them, they made me realize I wanted to sing better too.

Q - Speaking of band, in 「Magical Radio 2」you play a character who loves heavy metal and even let out some terrible screams!

Yagami - I went maybe a bit too far with that (laugh). From now on I’ll try to keep a bit more quiet (laugh).

Q - So, a band who doesn’t shout that much?

Yagami - That’s it. Let’s forget about shouting (laugh)

Q - What is your goal for the future Yagami-san?

Yagami - I want to challenge myself in a lot of fields. In my profile I wrote 「actress」, but that’s not just it. I want to improve my talks and singing, being capable in all genre.

Q - Well, being able to shout is also a step forward on the way of multi-talent…

Yagami - In a sense… true. (laugh)

Q - What artist are you into Yuria-chan?

Kizaki - Momoclo-san. In SKE too dance has become our pivot, seeing how awesome Momoclo dances acts like a stimulus on me.

Q - It sounds like everyone is following Momoclo, is that so?

Kizaki - Indeed. And it sometimes happens that we are invited to the same program.

Q - How was it to talk directly with them?

Ishida - They are exactly like they appear to be. They’re genuine boke and tsukomi, really fun to be around.

Q - Do you talk about other idol groups between you?

Ishida - We mostly heard about them by fans. During handshake events you often hear 「I’m going to see Momoclo after that」 or 「I’m off to see SUPER☆GiRLS now」.
Furukawa - Ahh— Well, have fu~n (laugh). Please don’t forget to return to SKE after, ne (laugh)
Ishida - I’ve also been asked several time 「Which girl do you like the best?」 from photobooks fans would present me (laugh).

Q - I see, I see. Apart from the 2D enthusiasts association and Idols studies group is there any other interesting circle in SKE?

Furukawa - There is the Mystery circle. Myself, Sato Seira, Takayanagi Akane, Yakata Miki and Mukaida Manatsu belong to that circle. We talk about urban legends, UFO, little old men*…
*(tln :小さいおじさん/chisai ojisan in the text. Japanese urban legend about peeping creatures similar to leprechaun size wise. They’re said to bring good fortune if you spot them.)

Q - Sounds like 「Muu」 somehow, am I right?

Furukawa - That’s exactly it! 「Muu」 is my favorite magazine issue. Each member is in charge of a subject, I myself focus on space alien and UFO, Takayanagi on little old men, Seira-san on urban legends and Miki loves pyramides.

Q - So you discuss the result of your researches?

Furukawa - So far I reported on programs featuring UFO via Google+ in real time, I also talked about mystery circles.
Yagami - But aren’t those all human made anyway?
Furukawa - Most people say they are human made, but rumors say otherwise.
Kizaki - Getting really excited there, aren’t we? (laugh)

Q - Is there any spot in Nagoya to make mystery circles?

Furukawa -  There are definitely places to do that in Aichi-ken!
Yagami - But wouldn’t they get angry if we were to do that? (laugh)
Furukawa - I think I would better go search for UFO someday instead!

Q - Moving forward to this summer, you will perform in different festivals notably 「a-nation」.

Yagami - I love summer events. Summer is finally here! The perfect summer song 「Aishiteraburu」 is finally here!  and so I don’t care anymore about the sweat or my face crumbling, I simply want to perform with all my might.
Kizaki - When I watched last year 「a-nation」 I was overwhelmed by the energy of all the artists. Everybody was fantastic despite the suffocating heat. I love open air, so this year I want SKE48 to impress as many people as possible through all those events.
Ishida - Taking part in many events outside, I wish for as many people as possible to discover SKE.
Matsumoto - I have never took part in 「a-nation」 yet, so I really want to be part of this event. Last year when I met with people who went there I thought they were so lucky. If this year I have the chance to participate, I want to shout while dancing! I’ve never shout during a live before, but this summer I want to scream 「Finally, I made it!」 (laugh).
Furukawa - This year it seems that 「a-nation “Idol Nation”」 will be an idols only event, that’s where we will have to show our true value.

Q - It was already announced that you’ll appear with SUPER☆GiRLS and Tokyo Girls’ Style…

Furukawa - I’m very much looking forward to perform with groups I’ve seen so often on TV.

Q - To conclude, a word to your fans who have been listening or will listen to 「Aishiteraburu!」

Yagami - This summer, let’s all make the temperature rise while listening to 「Aishiteraburu!」. By all means share your ardent feelings with us! Please follow us as we spend the burning summer singing and dancing!


… thought that would never end(ㆀ┃x┃ ) Thanks Rehi for proofreading!

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