Translation of Oricon interview of Goma, Non, Kin, Suda, Mikitty and nnnnManatsu for Aishireraburu promotion.

Where we talk about… food. And summer festivals. And haunted houses. And the revenge of the sea cucumber II.


- 「Aishiteraburu!」 is a title befitting  SKE48, with both a good sound and impact, an explosive summer tune, isn’t it?

Ogiso Shiori - Actually there was another candidate for the title of the song, 「Aishiteraburu!/ Aishite Love You!」 and 「Airabushiteru!/I Love Shiteru!」. We were told to remember both versions of the lyrics before recording, but we all agree that 「Aishitaraburu!」 had a better echo (laugh). Then Rena-san (Matsui) contacted Akimoto-sensei directly by mail and 「Aishiteraburu!」 title was decided.

- So, this title was decided with everyone assent?

Ogiso Shiori - Isn’t 「I Love Shiteru!」 very easy to grasp? In the other hand 「Aishite Love You!」is more obscure, makes you wonder what it is about. You could say it’s more intriguing. Plus it’s a catchy expression, for us all it was the most fitting choice.

- How did it went? You all got together to discuss the matter and Rena-chan acted as the representative and sent the mail?

Yakata Miki - I was browsing G+ and I saw Akimoto sensei contribution 「I received a mail from Rena」. We were all extremely surprised when we read that.

Kimoto Kanon - We discovered it at the same time than fans (laugh).

Ogiso - But that was a good surprise, right?

Suda Akari - I got super excited, “She did it!”. When I practiced the song after that, I suddenly felt a new positive energy flowing out, recording was very fun too.

Kimoto - We grew even more united thanks to this.

- The MV was shot in Saipan, where you performed on a stage built in the middle of the sea. Was it not scary?

Ogiso - Contrary to what it looks, sea wasn’t deep where we danced so we knew there was no risk for us even if we were to fall, but while we were singing seawater got on the platform and we had to keep dancing while being completely drenched.

Yakata - During cuts, we all proceeded to return the water to the sea according to our positions. Repeating the operation every time. Moreover, the clasps which were holding the stage broke halfway through the  shooting. We started worrying then but remembering the sea was shallow there, we decided it was ok to continue.

Suda - Kin-chan and Mikitty felt down in splendidly gaudy ways though.

Kaneko Shiori - (in a dignified tone) Salted water had altered my make-up. I was merely trying to fix it.

- ….. (laugh)

Suda - It’s the space alien Kaneko.

Yakata - Kin-chan is the absolute natural airhead.

Kaneko - No, I’m as normal as a CD regular edition.

Kimoto - Today’s members all have a strong personality, even among  senbatsu members.

- That’s valuable in its own way too! Also, apart from the dance scene on the water, all of you have an appeal time in front of the camera.

Yakata - We do, we do. Speaking of appeal scene, Non-chan (Kimoto Kanon) “Piouー” after her 「Aishiteraburu!」 shot is a must see!

Komoto - I had no idea the camera was still recording. I was somehow moving my mouth to relax it and they included it.

- Must have been a shock when you saw the MV.

Yakata - But that’s incredibly cu~te! So by all means, push pause on that part, I want people to enjoy the still image of that scene.

Kimoto - Still image is no no!

Suda - It’s all right~ No matter what they do cute girls are always cute~

Mukaida Manatsu - We were also filmed on our way to Saipan, everybody is 100% natural there. We were wearing our own clothes and accessories, I hope fans will appreciate to discover that new aspect of us.

Suda - During the shooting I found a sea cucumber and started playing with it. It was the first time I was seeing a sea cucumber so I hold it in both hands and took it on the boat with me when we return. But it was slithering so it slipped and I ended up holding it by the rear, which was quite embarrassing.

Kaneko - Once the filming was over, my best memory is to have eaten a steak.

Shiori - The staff prepared a barbecue, but the pieces of meat were abnormally huge.

Kaneko - Some were over 30cm big.

Kanon - But you ate it up at once. But then again that’s your favorite food.

Ogiso - She is not here today but Oya Masana-san was saying since the morning and all day long that she wanted to eat meat.

Kanon - When the meat was done preparing, 「Meat is here!!」 everybody shouted and started rushing for it.

Ogiso - I feel that going to Saipan gave us a new energy, no? Last year for 「Pareo wa Emerald」 we dived into the sea but this time we were standing firmly on it and dancing all together, and on ground we ate all we could (laugh). That was really fun.

- Also, speaking of SKE48, what about the well established and high praised coupling songs this time?

Ogiso - It happens that all members present today, without exception, are non-participants in the coupling songs (laugh). Shirogumi’s 「Aun no kiss」 is a song which image could appropriately  suit summer festivals.

Suda - Costumes are really cute. My mother used to tell me that girls look the cutest in yukata, that proved she was right.

Ogiso - And those are not your usual yukata, they have been shorten to mini-yukata.

Yakata - Even the boyish-girl Nakanishi-san (Yuka) became girly-girl with this song (laugh).

Ogiso - The cotton bands around her chest certainly raised her sex-appeal too!

Kaneko - Ah~ I want to to go to summer festival~!

Suda - I want to eat cotton-candy!

Ogiso - We always share it with my (younger) sister so we only buy one for both of us. But, since there are characters on them, we constantly disagree on which bag to get so we play rock-paper-scissors and the winner get to pick the one she likes the best.

Kaneko - I love choco-banana personally, I always eat some during festivals. But at Saitama they cost 200 yen while in Nagoya they cost 300 yen. With 1000 yen of pocket money, I could eat 5 in Saitama, but in Nagoya I can only get 3…

Ogiso - I see~

Kimoto - But you used to eat 5… that’s something!

Kaneko - Also in Nagoya you don’t have this tradition where you play rock-paper-scissors and get a free one if you win.

Ogiso - There was such thing in Saitama? It’s my first time hearing about it.

Yakata - You could win a lot too~ And if you defied the old man, maybe he did it on purpose, but you would always win.

Ogiso - Who knows, maybe if you were to request it here, maybe they would implement it and lower their prices to 200 yen too.

Kaneko - (Facing the IC recorder) I’m very sorry, but would you mind consider making it 200 yen? I’d also like to play rock-paper-scissors. Please, hear my request.

- …(laugh). What about the other members?

Suda - If we speak of Nagoya, we can’t let aside tamasen!

Ogiso - Ah~ Delicious isn’t it?

Suda - It tastes somehow like okonomiyaki. And I like how the inside is filled with cheese or yakisoba.

Mukaida - I myself like doteni. (tln: boiled cow sinewy meat or pig entrails in veggies flavored miso soup)

- Another Nagoya specialty…

Ogiso - Somehow unexpected from you, Manatsu-san. A tasteful choice I reckon.

- Indeed. Looking at Manatsu-chan reminds of strawberry on shaved ice instead

Mukaida - When it comes to shaved ice  go for yogurt taste (laugh)

Kaneko - Ah~ Now I’m hungry.

Kimoto - I used to accomplish a test of courage with hands firmly wrapped around my fried potatoes. Coming back from the summer festival, I had to walk through gloomy streets, even though was still a residential area.

Ogiso - Even if you didn’t enter an haunted house, it counts as a test of courage of sort.

Mukaida - That would be totally impossible for me.

Ogiso - Before when we all went to Nagashima Spa Land together, she cried the whole time we were in the dressing room.

Suda - I want to see that scared expression again~

Yakata - Me too~

Ogiso - I was shocked then to discover that Rena-san, who looks like she would be scared of such things, was totally fine.

Kimoto - Speaking of Rena-san, in 「Nante Ginga wa Akarui no darou」 she turns into a ghost (?) very naturally.

Yakata - Melody and clothes for this song are something we haven’t experienced before. Akagumi have had a fair share of red costumes in the past, but this time those are somehow Gothic clothes and the dance itself is intense too, making it a very refreshing song.

Kimoto - Also speaking of new sensations, so far SKE48 songs have often been about one-sided feelings but 「Aishitaraburu!」is about mutual love. By all means this summer listen to this tune with the one you love and I hope you’ll turn into a passionately in love couple~.

Kaneko - (sighing) Sounds nice~

Ogiso - For those who don’t have a lover, let’s have fun and dance together during SKE48 lives~. During the climax, you can easily perform the 「I Love You!」 signs with your hands and don’t forget the triumphant look! I hope everybody follows me on that point (laugh).

Kaneko - For those who hesitate between 「Aishiteru」and 「I love you」to confess, I believe 「Aishiteraburu!」 is easier to say, please this summer confess a lot and live a wonderful romance.

Ogiso - Confess a lot?… If possible, I’d rather wish to be granted a single love (laugh).

Mukaida - This summer everybody while listening to 「Aishiteraburu!」 please discover not only love, but  all kind of wonders to seek for and toward which to shout 「Aishiteraburu!」. Let’s enjoy this hot summer together!

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