Ogiso Shiori - Graduation interview in Entame April 2013 (out 2013/02/28)

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First of all I want to obtain my license. I want to be able to pick up Yuria and go for a drive with her.

OgiYuri 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。


On January 15th after Team KII stage it was announced that this Spring 9 members of SKE48 would graduate. Among the members standing in the theater stage that day to announce their graduation was Ogiso Shiori. The shock fans received that day was tremendous.

I needed to be more independent, with this in mind I decided to graduate.

Ogiso - Reaching 20 was a major event for me on a personal level. Rather than having to do with SKE48, I felt like I had reached a major turning point in my life. I love SKE48 but I saw I needed to stand more by myself as a single individual and to achieve that, cutting ties I had been relying on, I needed to graduate.

Q - Ogiso Shiori entered SKE48 as a third generation member when she was 17, later promoted to team KII with most of the rest of the 3rd generation. She was picked to be part of the group 2nd single「Aozora Kataomoi」senbatsu and never let go of her spot with the exception of an unique single. Among the so called “golden generation” that was the 3rd generation, she was one of the most prominent member, reflecting on the importance of the work she was awarded with. The young lady looks back today on those 3 years and tell us about this part of her life.

Ogiso - Personally, I never thought I would go so far, that I’d be given that many opportunities and gain that much experience through work. My most important memory? Let see… So much happened it’s hard to narrow it down but, that would be stages we performed days after days. I shed tears, I howled with laughter, every stage was different from the precedent so each stage performance is a precious memory.

Q - Joining SKE48 with her were Kizaki Yuria, which whom she formed the “OgiYuri” combi and her so called “lover”, Kinoshita Yukiko. She told them prior to the announcement of her intention to graduate.

Ogiso - Yuria and Yukko notice when I’m not doing ok or am worried without me needing to speak up. When I told them I was graduating, it was like we were discussing about our problems like we always do. But when the 3rd generation members had the opportunity to dance together for the New Year stage, Yuria and Yukko couldn’t hold back their tears.

Q - Kizaki Yuria wasn’t only close from Ogiso, but also from Kuwabara Mizuki and Hiramatsu Kanako who decided too to graduate this spring. Even though, Ogiso tell us why she isn’t worried for her.

Ogiso - Yuria is a strong girl. And our friendship won’t change even after I graduate, she can come to me anytime if she needs help. Plus until now we were also rivals, that gone, I want to fully support her.

Q - To go on into more pragmatic concerns, once Ogiso will have graduate, one spot in senbatsu will be vacant. With regard to this subject…

Ogiso - Of course I want my juniors to try their best, but more than anything else I want 3rd generation members to fight their way to the top. I think research student Kaotan (Matsumura Kaori) deserves a chance too, it makes me happy to hear they’re sad and feel lonely because I’m leaving, but more importantly I want them to keep up the 3rd generation spirit and relentlessly aim for senbatsu.

Q - Again, her answer denoted how strong was the bond existing between her and the other 3rd generation members which whom she had spent the most intense moments during her 3 years of belonging in SKE48.

I’m excited to see how Yuria will handle the organization of the 3rd gen members meeting.

Q - A song was written especially for the 9 graduating members 「Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi」. This song, along the MV, is guaranteed to bring any SKE48 fan on the verge of tears.

Ogiso - I’m really happy to have the opportunity to sing such a beautiful message song to bring my time in SKE48 to a close. It’s not only a sad song, it’s also a very positive and turn to the future piece. It’s the perfect song to convey our feelings. But I’ve to say it’s a little strange to sing it the 9 of us. We’re from different generations, different teams, if we had not graduated this group would have never been formed. I think it’s fate who brought us together.

Q - Day after day, the graduation is drawing closer. Could there be anything that feels like it had been left undone?

Ogiso - Hmm…. The 3rd gen meeting! We haven’t hold any since Imade (Mai)’s graduation. Until now I was the organizer  but when I graduate Yuria will take over me and I’m eager to see how it will turn out. Though I’m a little concerned, will she manage it? (laugh)

Q - Once you graduate, your free time naturally increases. Of course there are things one would want to challenge then.

Ogiso - First of all I want to obtain my license. I want to be able to pick up Yuria and go for a drive with her. Mii-chan (Kuwabara Mizuki) also said she would invite me to have lunches. And I hope we can go together to her province since she asked me 「Ya comin’ to Kochi ‘k?」.

Q - And then, what direction will her future take?

Ogiso - There is a multitude of things I want to do but I haven’t make any clear decision yet. There are some I’m decided to accomplish, but rather than having one clear goal, I’m thinking of doing things I want to do one by one.

Q - Last she left a message for SKE48 members who will pursue their activities after she has left the group, but also to all the fans who have been looking after 「Ogiso Shiori」as an idol, until now.

Ogiso - Those past 3 years, I’ve spent close to everyday with everyone in SKE48, we have been together more than I was with my own family, so truly, leaving makes me feel lonely. But even if I’m gone, I want everyone to remain the same,and shine while staying true to themselves. And to our fans. You shared my joys and my pains. You were even possibly swinging from greater joys to greater sorrow than I was myself. If I had not joined SKE48 never would I have met such extraordinary people. It’s thank to all of you who have supported me that I could give my best all this time. There is still a little bit of time before I graduate. Bearing in my chest all the gratitude I have toward those who supported me, I’ll enjoy every moment I have left in the group, so please keep watching over me!

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