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Team S - 2013/03/08 - MC, special Q&A for Jurina 16th birthday

Yuria - Your worst mark ?
Kanakana - Jurina has this image of being smart…
Jurina - 76 I think..
Kanakana - Did you hear that Yuria?!
Yuria - I never got such mark. Even my best mark was never that high.
Kanakana - I remember I often saw her get perfect score. When we debuted…
Jurina - True, in middle school I had basically 100 everywhere.
Yuria (?) - Prodigy~

Kumin - Your trait that you think of being the most adult?
Jurina - The most adult aspect of myself…Eh… My face?
All - True true.

Shiitan - Jurina’s motto (in life). Something you always carry in your heart.
Jurina - That’s a hard one. Something that pushes me in work?
Shitan - Hmm.
Jurina - Errr. Oh, there this. See, my mother wanted to be an idol too.
Everyone - Ehhhh?
Jurina - So (what I keep in my heart) that would be that feeling to fulfill my mother’s dream.
Yukko - Such a good daughter!
Jurina - It’s like I took over her chasing after that dream. Of course I do it with everyone, fans and members in mind, but I also do it for my mother.
Yukko - That’s wonderful, it  deserves a round of applause.
Akarin - Thinking like an adult.
All - What a good child (etc)

Yukko - What does Jurina-san like the best about herself?
Shitan - Your face! Your face!!
KanaKana - I know! Her lips!
Jurina - I don’t think too high of my physique so…
Audience - ???
Jurina - Thank you >_>…
Jurina - Ah! I’ve a big voice! I’m often told it’s very recognizable. During HS events it seems like you can hear me from the end of the hall.
KanaKana - That proves you’re full of energy.
Yukko - But to hear you from the end of the hall that’s phenomenal!
Jurina - But that’s also a bit embarrassing.
KanaKana - Like your normal voice is higher than Shawako’s max volume.
Jurina - Hmm.

Haruka - What do you want to challenge this year?
Jurina - Challenge… Ah! i already complete this year challenge. Deep-fried food.
All - ??? Cooking?
KanaKan - Ohh! Sata andagi!!
All - Yeah!!!
Yukko - That was really delicious!
Jurina - Good to hear, thank you. Hmm. I’m training at home.
Shiitan - But you’re getting even more popular (among members) so maybe you should keep your skills modest.
Yukko - What kind of person are you to recommend that?! *lol*
Jurina - She is mean, no?!
Shiitan - But that could cause trouble afterward no?
Jurina - That’s ok, no problem really.

KanaKana - What unit and with would, would you like to perform?
Jurina - Churi, sorry for picking a KII member, and myself performing Manazashi Sayonara.
Akarin - ChuriJuri~
Jurina - Fans are acquainted with JuriRena, right? That’s a pretty usual pairing. But with Churi we have just the right size, feels more like a guy and girl thing.
Yukko - Guy and girl *lol* You’re dating after all~
Shiitan - And then get some juniors to warrand in the back.
Jurina - They would be like those passers-by you know.
All - *lol*
Haruka - I want to appear as a passers-by!

Yukko - Dassu.
Jurina - Scary~
Akarin - Do you think Akarin is cute?
Shiitan - Here it comes!
Jurina - When she takes herself in picture correctly I think she is cute. Listen, you know - *glance at Akarin* You’re cute, c’mon - Truth is I often check Akarin’s blog.
All - Ehhh? Why?
Jurina - I told her earlier but recently her self taken picture have sucked. She had this one post with 3 self-shots, but somehow…
KanaKana - Maybe she was sick? *lol*
Jurina - What the-? She looks cute usually so what gives?
Akarin - But lately I’m posting a lot so it’s getting hard to find good data (pictures) to post, no?
Jurina - But then Akarin shy aspect is super adorable.
Akarin - Thanks~
Jurina - She looks shy when she says herself she is cute, no? I think it’s cute.
Akarin - Thank you~
Shiitan - True that’s cute.

Shitan - Jurina, for your 16 birthday, would you please close this corner with a pun?
Jurina - Let see. Now that I am in age to get married, I’m recruiting people who would like to marry me.(結婚/けっこん)
Audience - *yeahhhhh*
Jurina - Nope, after all I’ll pass.(けっこん instead of 結構/けっこう) Alright, over.

Shiitan - I see, so you’re going with this character this year too?
Jurina - Hmm, I’ll try my best.
Shiitan - You should stop there. You should really stop there.
Jurina - At least for my birthday, you could pretend to be laughing.

Audience & Akarin - *lololololol* 

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