Matsui Rena mobile mail 2013/06/25

Sadness and happiness



Seifuku no Me last stage has been fixed for 7/10.

No matter how I try to shift my feelings toward the new team, to think about ways to approach it, I can’t help but have the team I belonged to until now come to mind despite my will.
That makes me feel deeply how Team S has become an integral part of myself.

The team I was part of since the very beginning.
Just like at home, even if I returned after a long time they would accept me and welcome me in without a word.

I prepared myself to leave ,
from this team with whom I feel I gave so much and with whose members we went so far,
but as the day of our separation is drawing near and the actual feeling is getting stronger,
I can’t help but feel sad.

Akarin, Yuria, Yukko, Rumi, Momona, Nanako

They’ve all join force with us on the way, to form an unbreakable team.
So much you wouldn’t believe there are only so few members who were there from start left. 

For me, all the members who’ve carried this stage together are original ones.

But you know, I also love the new Team E.
There is still a lot of work that needs to be done with those girls and I couldn’t yet firmly come together with them, but all the time I spend away I spend it thinking about them.

Because I’ve the firm belief they have to be more widely known.

Some might label me as an unfitting leader, but I know that more than anyone, I want to create a great team.
I don’t want the spirit we have cultivated, to always make our utmost efforts, to turn into a memory.
I want to bring those dreams born in our hearts to life.
I believe my role is to help as much as possible in this purpose.

No doubt, I really love SKE over anything else.


Gangsta!Rena, tough look but real softie inside. You’ll make a great leader girl. Or rather, you’re already one.

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